Monday, August 27, 2012

I haven't had much to write about.

So, I'm just posting pictures I find of particular inspiration.

And some updates and work in progress.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've been busier and busier. Here's proof I still think to post here when I see something cool. I've been saving each of these individually but I didn't want to totally spam you up.

Fun lil race bike from ThrottleYard


My favorite Frenchie custom gents.


The Blitz Boys, full article on Vintagent here:

Too bad we don't live in Austria.



For Aaron M. and Craig H. It just takes a little bit of vision. Or maybe a lot in this case.


Spanky little monkey here: bike exif monkey (url way too long to paste here)

And last but not least, the best use of a Blast motor that never happened, but might still.......


From Bubble Visor, hype mobile, and I hope it happens some how: another long url

More to come, hopefully sooner than later.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A post about 4 wheels!

Ahhh, the land of the free. Where we get the most limited choice.


Once again vehicle manufacturers only provide America with the 'biggest and best', while the UK and Europe get choices galore. I was talking with a friend last night about the need for better designed and more efficient family transport. In particular I was thinking about the Ford Transit Connect, which does come available as a five seater wagon as pictured above, but what we discussed was the need for additional seating. The Transit is cool in a utilitarian way (it's billed as a commercial vehicle), it's small but spacious, and has a Euro appeal that I like. However I would like it even more if it had a third row of seats, and I'm not the only person with this opinion, this blogger is thinking along these lines as well. The fact is the Scion XB, the Honda Element, and the Ford Flex are cool family cars/utility vehicles but they just don't accommodate a family with more than three children, not to mention friends or dogs. So what's a growing family on a budget supposed to do to get where they are going?

So in the United Kingdom they get the option of the similarly styled Tourneo Connect (a 1.8 liter Diesel with available seating for eight). Sounds perfect. Also the Transit Connect available on the other side of the pond is available with a diesel, and manual transmission, and AWD! We won't see that here for the foreseeable future, unless we the public can convince Ford to give it a try here.

For me? I want a 1.8L TDCi Tourneo Connect with a manual transmission, eight seats, and AWD. (If it was lifted, with rugged steel wheels and semi knobby tires, had a grill protector, fold flat bench seats, and a popup camper roof with a roof rack and a ladder on the back door, and a hitch for a scooter/bicycle hauler, that would be just great!)

Tourneo pics.


With the tall roof.


And looks a little better without the tall roof, but I bet that head room is worth it.

What do you think? Should we petition Ford USA for more options?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Post about Lily.

I wanted Lily to be more comfortable during our chilly walk this morning, so my shrunken wool sweater was installed.

I adjusted the clip for a custom tailored fit a couple times, and re-rolled the sleeves after her running undid them.

Lily received a couple doggie toys for Christmas and the best kinds have squeakers in them. The remains pictured below are from a bone shaped toy that didn't even hold her attention until I squeaked it.

I'm not worried about her eating the squeaker because she dismantles every one just like in the picture above. Once she opens and unstuffs the stuffing she chews the offending noise maker with focused glazed eyes, and renders the diaphragm and air bladder completely inoperable. And leaves the carcass in favor of cuddling.

Example of cuddling from recent visit from J and M Hess. Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing break!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plausible excuse for lack of new posts?

My wife and I made a baby!

I do have lots of things on my mind and even some promising new leads.

Firstly a new conspirator that I met at Metro who is contemplating moving here from Elmira NY and has a background in both Machining and bike enthusiasm.

Secondly Parker let me in on a new moped racing group out of L'ville who want to race at an unnamed kart track that I've been meaning to ride at for a while. Check it out via Magnum Dash.

Christmas break is coming up, and I hope to get some projects further underway. Stephan will be along to wrench with me on his Moto Guzzi 850 T3, I hope to get the body finished on Daniel Matt's scooter, and maybe even mount the dash and talk with Rick about body work for his Kan-a-tuna!

The real gift to remember this season is our individual value, which overwhelms me. Curious? Write me seth.hershey-at-gmail for more.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Simple Carb

Exploded and identified view, and reassembly steps. For Elena, Matt, Brad, and Amanda.

Click for larger images.

Feed throttle cable (not shown) through goose neck adjuster, compress throttle spring, and attach throttle cable tip to throttle plate.

Screw down Carburetor top.

Detail of carb bowl, float, float pivot pin, needle jet, and main jet.

Slot needle jet into float.

Fit needle into the needle seat of the underside of the carb, fit pivot pin to hold float and check for freedom of motion.

Thread in main jet.

Install float bowl

Detail of carb side, fuel filter, banjo fitting, and screw with gasket.

Fit filter. It's probably directional, pay attention for best fit.

Fit banjo fitting and screw with gasket

Fit air filter into carb or into air filter cover/housing.

Fit air filter cover, and voila! Sometimes it's easier to install the carb onto the intake, and then install the air filter and cover, depends on available space.

Good luck!